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Mon - Fri: 12 - 3pm

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While molecular gastronomy has taken the culinary world by storm in the last decade, the movement has been slow to take with the more conservative tastes of local diners in Singapore. This is something that Keystone’s owner Eddie Han and chef Mark Richards hope to gradually change with their fun and sophisticated restaurant. Situated in the heart of the business district, Keystone presents modernist European cuisine driven by the use of exciting ingredients and progressive cooking techniques.

With his professional experience cooking a wide range of cuisines, Chef Mark Richards has developed a knack for pairing controversial flavours together in ways that surprise and please. In an accessible manner for new diners, the menu offers a solid stepping stone through a main ingredient like Duck Confit or Quail Eggs, then pairs them with the foams, gels and emulsions characteristic of molecular gastronomy. For those ready to take the next step, Keystone offers an inspired menu, in which no description is given but the core ingredient as the chef creates it based on inspiration. 

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I S Asia
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