Interior at The Tastings Room restaurant European  6 Raffles Boulevard, #01-08 Marina Square, Singapore 039594 Pork Belly and Seafood Risotto at The Tastings Room restaurant European  6 Raffles Boulevard, #01-08 Marina Square, Singapore 039594
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The Tastings Room

The owners of The Tastings Room are passionate about the role wine plays in European cuisine. Their pet peeves though? Generic house wines and overpricing. With The Tastings Room, they set out to “radically change” the way that restaurants typically sell wine to their customers. The selection here is huge—featuring over 50 labels sourced from around the world, and they are not treated as disparate from the food. Rather, the food menu suggests a few different wines for each menu item. In this way, choosing the right wine becomes an easy and painless experience, especially for novice drinkers.

Lest you think that the wine overshadows the food, The Tastings Room serves up impeccable modern European cuisine. Examples of the precision cooking at work here include the “Sous Vide” Pork Belly, cooked for 16 hours at exactly 70? and the medium-rare Salmon Poached At 48? with Dill Herb. It’s very clear that this restaurant prizes fine wine and fine food equally, because one cannot shine without the other. So if you’ve never really understood the pairing of food and wine before, The Tastings Room will open up new gastronomical horizons.

“This newly minted restaurant's selling point is that it has suggested wine pairings on the menu to go along with each individual food item as well ... [more]
“This is one of the very few spots in town to boast a list of over 50 wines available by the glass.
I S City
The best thing about The Tastings Room’s wines is not just its huge variety. It’s that you canorder them all by the glass. Yes, even vintage ... [more]